Hodges News

A.l. Anderson
Thursday, June 23, 2022

On Friday morning, June 10, we had our good breakfast at CC’s Cafe. Nancy, Arlene, Sharon, Tana, Carole and I were there for breakfast. We always have a lot to talk about at breakfast.

Saturday evening the rain poured down and in a few minutes, the rain tanks were full. The cats and I went out in the rain to line up the hoses and open up the valves to drain the water from the tanks. We were dripping wet before getting back into the house. I had to change clothes. The cats had to be dried off. We are getting all the rain we did not get last year.

Last week, Ross Deide was at the Good Creek Golf Course to golf. He enjoys traveling around to different golf courses. On Wedneday, a tournament was held early in the morning and Mike Roe was the winner. That evening another tournament was held and Mark Burman was the winner. They each won a special gift.

My road has been holding up with all this rain so far. When my parents lived here, the road was never worked on. We just plowed through the mud and snow with our cars. When Kathy Alley was a county commissioner the road was built up and done with gravel. That was over 20 years ago.

There are many people who use this road. I remember my grandparents’ road near Hodges was deep rutted from drivers on it in rainy weather. It was just right for young drivers, no traffic on the road for miles. We were about nine years old and younger and my grandmother let us drive. It took about three of us to drive, one for the gas pedal, one for the brake and one for the steering. We were off the road more than on the road and had a hard time stopping for gates. We enjoyed our driving days, but I am not sure if grandma did.

Tana brought out lunch for us on Monday. Then she did some work that needed to be done before heading home.