Hodges News

A.l. Anderson
Sunday, February 2, 2020

Friday morning (January 24), we had our usual good breakfast at CC’s Cafe. There was a few of us for breakfast, Carole, Arlene B., Vi, Martha and I. We had several sick or injured that had to stay home. There is the flu going around and it is best to stay home. We discussed the birthday party at Grandview that we had to cancel-too much flu going around. In February, we will try to go to the Mexican Restaurant for supper. That will be Friday, Feb. 14 on Valentine’s Day. We are all glad about the good weather we have been having.

- - - - -

Georgette and boys traveled to Billings Saturday and returned that evening. They missed going to the VFW Club for the steak supper. Barry and I went and had a wonderful meal. We seen many people we had not seen in years. It was nice to visit with everyone. Over 75 people came to supper that night.

- - - - -

Am still searching for people that lived in the area of Hodges. There was a Mr. and Mrs. T.B. Proper that lived close to Shaw Ranch in the year 1913. There was a coal mine called the Proper Mine where people would get the coal to heat their homes near the Proper family land. Many families hauled their coal from this mine. Charles Anderson was one of the families. At one time there were over 50 families that lived in the Hodges area. In these