Hodges News

A.l. Anderson
Sunday, June 28, 2020

There has not been much going on, the virus is holding us down some. We must listen to the scientists, our governor and the governor of New York. I have been hearing from my friend Pat in Florida, she reports that every day there is hundreds of people with the virus and dieing in her state. We must wear masks when we are out in public because this disease did not go away when it got hot outside. On T.V., we see large crowds of people without masks. The White House people should know better.

Last Friday (June 19), there was a nice group of us for breakfast at CC’s Cafe. It is always nice to see everyone. We are still planning on July 17, going to the Gem in Wibaux for supper.

In about six weeks, I hope to see my Granddaughter, Amanda from Illinois. The last time I seen her was in December when Tana, Brooke and I traveled that way.

On Father’s Day, Barry had a golf tournament at Goof Creek Golf Course. In the morning, Smithy won and in the afternoon, Barry was the winner. No trophies were given to the winners.