Hodges News

A.l. Anderson
Sunday, July 26, 2020

Brooke and Alonna were out to my place last Monday doing housework and baking cookies. It is certainly nice to have them around.

Arlene Forberg and I went to The Attic Thursday to do a little shopping and visit with everyone. We always enjoy seeing the people we worked with.

Friday morning breakfast (July 17), the group included Eula, Arlene B., Carole, Arlene F., Sharon, Brooke and Vi and Margaret. We always have a good breakfast at CC’s Cafe. Then that evening we went to the Gem Cafe in Wibaux. It is always good to see Bonnie too. In August, we are making plans on going to Fallon to eat.

We heard that Roger Smith has the virus. He has been in the hospital and getting better. That disease is not going to disappear. The hospitals are full of very sick people and still needing more testing and hospital equipment. This virus has nothing fake about it; and maybe if the White House had listened to the scientist, news people and governor of New York this disease from the start, it would not be like this.

I had a call from Great Falls, Jan (Walker) Mion and Susan (Walker) Tillman are coming for a visit in August. Their parents, Ann and Dodd Walker lived in Glendive and Wibaux for a number of years. They often visited the people that lived in Hodges through the years. It will be nice to see them again.