Hodges News

A.l. Anderson
Thursday, January 14, 2021

I’ve been out with the virus-that was just something the news people made up according to the person in the White House. I was one of the lucky ones-I made it through this fake virus. It was a nightmare. My pneumonia was only in the bottom of the left lung. I was sick to my stomach, awful headaches and everything else. I was lucky to have two nurses in the family and all my other helpers. After a month, am still weak and mad we all had to go through something like this. That nothing was done about this virus from the start, when we had about 15 people in the country with the virus-it did not go away in the SPRING. We will have someone in the White House with feeling soon.

At Christmas, Tana and I went to Ohio to see Amanda and her family for a couple of days. They had snow and it was cold. We had a nice Christmas but were glad to get home.

This year, I was slow at getting my Christmas cards out in the mail-no letters. I was glad to get the family pictures and the updates. We lost a few more people and there are some new ones.

The first of January Friday some of us had breakfast at CC’s. Their was just Carol, Arlene B., Sharon, Tana, Brooke and I. We had a lot to discuss. So far, Friday January 8 we are going to the Elks Club for supper. Hope to see everyone that evening.

Than Friday evening, we had our Christmas at my home. We had pizza and homemade candy by Brooke. We had a nice evening. Their was Georgette, Kasey, Aaron, Brooke, Bill, Tana and I for our party.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year.