Hotels aiming for a fresh start with new ownership, rebranding

Hunter Herbaugh Ranger-review Staff Writer
Thursday, May 5, 2022
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Two Glendive hotels are getting a fresh start with new ownership and rebranding, including the Green Tree (formerly the Comfort Inn) and Hotel Glendive (formerly the OYO). Hunter Herbaugh photo

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Two of Glendive’s hotels have been going through transitions and since the start of the year, have officially rebranded after facing some significant troubles.

The first of the hotels to rebrand was the former Comfort Inn, which became the Green Tree Inn and Suites when it came under new ownership back in January. The second Hotel, formerly the OYO, came under new ownership last year, but officially announced late in April that they will now be known as the Hotel Glendive.

Both the Comfort Inn and the OYO made headlines in 2020 due to financial issues that the businesses were experiencing. The Comfort Inn, as well as the Super 8 Motel that was owned by the same company, entered foreclosure that year when the owner had failed to make their mortgage payments and did not show up at a court appearance in the matter. They then entered receivership, putting management responsibilities onto a real estate management company.

Now under new ownership, not much is actually changing, according to Manager Ann Hoff. She explained that both the Comfort Inn and Super 8 were bought by Tony Jaffery, a California resident who owns several Green Tree hotels in California and New Mexico.

The transition does come with some challenges, Hoff said, as Green Tree is an unfamiliar brand in the area.

“He wanted to be the first Green Tree Inn and Suites in Montana, and he definitely is. Nobody knows us, they think we’re still closed. We are not closed, we are very much open,” Hoff said.

She added that the services the hotel provides, like breakfast, the pool and hot tub, are also all staying. The only major change she noted for the foreseeable future are some upcoming renovations, though she is not sure when those will be starting or what all they will entail.

As for the Super 8, Hoff is also unsure of what will happen with that, as the new owner hasn’t made any decisions yet.

The OYO, meanwhile, faced a different kind of financial problem when the employees reported having gone without being paid for several months and then found out the business had been posted for sale in April of 2020. It was bought last year by a group of four business partners based in Texas.

Stanley Wang, one of the partners, said that the last year of operations has had its ups and downs as he and the other owners have tried to rebuild it from its previous reputation, noting that the name change is just the first step in making their own mark and getting out from under the hotel’s prior history.

“Given the history of this property, there’s a lot of challenge to get it to a good place,” he said.

Despite the challenges however, Wang said the experience of running the hotel has been a good one. Noting that he manages several hospitality businesses across the country, he believes Glendive has potential to be a popular tourist spot due to its central location and abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities, so he and his partners are looking forward to investing more into the community.

At this time, they have their own renovations planned to coincide with their official name change. This includes leaning into Glendive’s dinosaur-rich history, as he explained that more dino decorations will be present on site, including fully themed family rooms for people that want a full dino experience.

“This is just the first step,” Wang said.

Both hotels are currently open and taking guests.

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