Hypocrisy of environmentalists knows no limits

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Dear Editor:

Referencing the 10/24 “carbon pricing” letter written by a climate-change activist, I noted her insight is very typical for that type of political ideology and mindset—both of which I have zero interest in ever understanding. I am neither a registered Republican or Democrat as I no longer believe in the two-party system. Both entities exist to serve themselves.

“Fairness” is a word I’m sick of hearing. Life isn’t fair. Consequently, universal healthcare, “carbon pricing,” welfare programs, and general subsidies are all paid for by somebody else. That responsibility inevitably falls on the shoulders of Working America through higher taxes…or…directly from the Federal Reserve—printing money out of thin air, i.e. inflation. Either way, courtesy of the American taxpayer.

Her comment, “solar and other clean energy technologies are still cost prohibitive,” is accurate, precisely why neither can survive on their own without the benefit of taxpayer subsidies. Without them, there’s zero incentive in pursuing “green energy” as companies exist to make money, not throw it away. Despite the subsidies, solar and wind alone will never produce the output needed in contrast with the abundance of coal, oil, and natural gas.

“Carbon pricing”…..the politically correct term for extortion: Robbing Peter to pay Paul by clobbering the “fossil fuel” industry. No matter how wonderful it sounds or how it’s spun, it only means the American taxpayer is ultimately responsible. I can put whipped cream on a steaming pile of excrement and say it’s “edible.” In the end, it’s nothing but a steaming pile of excrement…..much like the fraud that is “carbon pricing.” Solyndra comes to mind.

Her fantasy regarding subsidized green energy taxes, in contrast with current Montana coal tax revenues doesn’t dignify a response.

Between lithium mining and burying retired windmill blades, the hypocrisy of environmentalists is a disease that knows no limit. Hollywood celebrities / political elitists “carbon footprints” are endless, yet I’m the one “destroying the planet.” Barack Obama’s house at Martha’s Vineyard, within spitting distance of the beach, tells me all I need to know about “rising sea levels.” The lie is lost on the tens of millions of us who actually think for ourselves because it’s not about climate change; it’s about control—control over you and I—irrefutable and undeniable.

Once elitists lead by example…..abandoning air travel, commuting via horse or bicycle, navigating waterways in a kayak, living off-grid…..or…..setting their thermostats to 85 in the summer and 58 in the winter, THEN and ONLY THEN, will I consider complying. We never have to worry about it. There’s not a snowball’s chance in Al Gore’s burning ball of hell it will ever happen.

Craig Stebbins