I urge you to continue to vote ‘no’

Sunday, January 26, 2020

I urge you to continue to vote ‘no’

Dear Editor,

I moved to Glendive in August of 1980 and have been a worker, homeowner, and taxpayer since that time and “I believe in Glendive”! Unfortunately the school bond issue has become a terrible situation in our community. I do think something needs to be done, but for the committee to hear “No” from the majority of the voters multiple times and then bring back the same plan in the hopes of wearing down the majority is a terrible plan. All this does is divide the community and guarantees zero support of future bonds and levies.

I can’t believe there’s not one person on the committee who doesn’t have some compassion for the majority of the voter’s and recognize the need to change and revamp the plan and make it affordable for “All” of the taxpayers. By making it affordable to all the taxpayers you will not have trouble getting the bond passed. And a win by a very small margin by either side is not really a win, it just creates hardship and disappointment.

I don’t believe for one minute that the “No” voter’s are uninformed or confused about what the committee is proposing. Please make the necessary changes to this bond issue before wasting more time and money as well as dividing the community running another election.

If you voted “No” in the past, I urge you to continue to vote “No” as nothing has changed in the bond proposal since it was originally proposed and voted down by the majority of the voters on multiple occasions.

If you are an undecided voter I also urge you to vote “No”. Your “No” vote will get the committee the message to bring a solution to the table that is affordable and workable for everyone. Once the committee does this it will be easy to vote ”Yes”.

I applaud all the small business owners who have made our community what it is. However, even adding in our big companies we are still a small community with a limited number of taxpayers. That being said, we need some growth and expansion before it would be feasible to take on the large bond issue being proposed by the committee –– and don’t forget about the high school bond issue, I guarantee it will surface again in the future.

And lastly, thank you to the Ranger Review for covering all kinds of events in our community, most recently the repair work being completed at Washington Middle School. It is encouraging to see repairs being made instead of bulldozing another building.


Neil Hoff


Makoshika Wellness needs a permanent home

Dear Editor,

I have been a board member as well as Board Chair for Makoshika Wellness for the last 2 years. We are very excited to have physically opened our doors January 6 at the Ponderosa Building. This is the location of our temporary launch while we seek a permanent home for our wellness center. Community support has been phenomenal. Our space is completely utilized.

Makoshika Wellness’ mission is to provide multigenerational services and provide services for specialty groups. We strive to promote outdoor activity and collaborate with other local organizations.

In March we will begin offering peer support group for veterans and Healing yoga for all trauma survivors and community members with PTSD and anxiety. Multigenerational services include Baby and Me yoga, group classes for all ages and fitness levels, and Balance and Strength classes to improve coordination and prevent falls.

Our new director, Sara Plummer, is doing a fabulous job. She is working closely with new members and instructors, developing policies and protocols and networking with community groups and members. She is laying the foundation for a new, successful, active community nonprofit organization.

Makoshika Wellness is pursuing all opportunities to maintain a sustainable organization. We are seeking grants, fundraising opportunities, and corporate sponsors in hopes of keeping community members’ costs to a minimum.

Our biggest obstacle is pursuit of a permanent home. We have researched many locations in Glendive over the last 2 years without success. As the elementary school bond is revisited, we as a Board are scheduled to present to the Glendive School Board on February 10. We will respectfully ask the School Board to consider partnership with Makoshika Wellness for utilization of the Lincoln School property. Makoshika Wellness would have the ability to expand community services. We would have more space for a Veterans’ Building/section, and more rooms for group classes and functions. We could promote tourism by hosting events. We could offer educational opportunities. Our 10 year plan includes an indoor swimming pool.

On Tuesday January 21, we updated the Glendive City Council on our current progress. We have asked the Council to consider a future collaboration between the City Rec Center and Makoshika Wellness. We are extremely excited to give back to our community and support Glendive.

Teresea Olson

Board Chair

Makoshika Wellness