If the US fails, so goes the world

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Dear Editor: Did you know the word “Hollywood” finds its origion in the occult? The name is derived from the holly plant, which was used in Sorcery and Witchcraft as totems, medallions and wands. There is a reason why movies have become increasingly more violent and evil, Hollywood has become a supporting arm for the occult.

Ancient Babylonians followed the occult. They practices idolatry and child sacrifice to the Sun God. Today we sacrifice children to power and greed by abortion. Babylonians also worshiped women, the mother, and not the son. We find traces of this pagan belief in modern religious practices. Evil has crept into all aspects of our lives.

God gives us two distinct paths to follow, the right and the left. The right leads to salvation, the left to destruction. Scripture tells us if man turns his back on God, great suffering will follow. We have entered that realm.

2nd Chronicals 20:15 says, “Do not be afraid or discouraged, the battle is not yours, but Gods”. This is our hope for the future, in the end God wins. We are in a war between good and evil, chose which side you will be on.

Scripture also say in the last days “lies will become truth, truth will become lies”. Occult law dictates followers always give their “version of the truth”. The radical left and Democrats are very obedient.

If the US fails, so goes the World. Evil is spreading worldwide like wildfire. Christians must stand strong in their beliefs. It won’t be God who destroys the planet, it will be US.

Marian Keller