If you love your dog, leash it

Thursday, August 15, 2019
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If you love your dog, leash it

Dear Editor,

On the morning of Aug. 5th, my wife went for a walk and a black lab attacked her from behind biting and knocking her down. She received a broken wrist, bruised elbow and almost blacked out from hitting her head.

The owner of the dog came out, asking her if she was okay. My wife told the owner she wasn’t okay, and she couldn’t get up. So he helped her to the steps of the house. Someone from across the street gave her a cell phone to call me. I picked her up and drove to the Hospital emergency room. We spent the next four hours there.

If the dog’s owner would have leashed the dog following the rule of law this occurrence would have never took place. I’m not going to explain the laws on

(8.06.002) Dogs running at large, or (8.06.006) vicious dogs. Just ask a judge or attorney, they will define the laws.

This incident took place on a public street, the dog wasn’t under control, which lead to my wife being attacked and the owner being charged with vicious dog.

The sad part of this event is my wife being attacked, and the dog will probably be put to sleep all because the dog wasn’t leashed.

A leashed dog protects people and animals from harm, also protecting the leashed animal from injury or being charged with running at large or vicious dog. I have no sympathy for irresponsible pet owners.

Running at large and vicious dogs have become an escalating problem in Glendive and surrounding areas. People having problems with dogs on public parks, streets, alleys, or right of ways need to file a complaint to the proper authorities.

By the time this letter is published, my wife will be recovering from surgery and may need another operation on her wrist. The dog will be quarantined because of the bite and shots not being upto-date.

So, I’m, giving people fair warning about their family pet, if you love your dog and you’re out walking on public places the dog better be leashed.

When at home it should be in a contained environment. These are better alternatives than being pepper sprayed, run over by someone, or put to sleep. Sincerely,

Tom Wynne