It’s not the Ranger’s job to fact check my free speech

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Dear Editor:

In response to Janet Hieb, who took great offense and was appalled with the letter I sent to the Opinion section of the Ranger Review that she took out of context.

I am not a paid reporter for the Ranger, I am an unsolicited contributor. It is not the responsibility of the Ranger Review to fact check or censor freedom of speech or personal opinion.

The gist of the letter was not meant to be mean, a slur or my feeling. It was a play-on-words from an age old nonsense parody about the last scene of an Opera. The term was taken from a quip by Chicago Bears coach Dick Motta, who borrowed it from San Antonio, TX sports caster Dan Cook, who in turn borrowed it from whomever first coined the phrase. It has been around for many years and I’m stunned she didn’t know that.

I do my best to research all information in my letters for truth and accuracy. Denial of facts does not make the truth less factual. Had she done a fact check, she would have realized the information is relevant, and news worthy.

The catch word here is “opinion,” and she is entitled to her opinion even if she is wrong, and under no obligation to agree with mine.

Thank you,

Marian Keller

Glendive, MT