It is not our choice when to end a life

Sunday, June 12, 2022

When I was young and gullible, I had unprotected sex. But I was led to believe that if the woman got pregnant with a fetus, we could just have the pregnancy terminated with a ‘simple’ abortion procedure. Yes, it is more expensive than a pack of condoms but easy solution for my ‘uncontrollable passionate feelings’. But as I grew older and more mature, I started hearing that abortion was the taking of a life - a baby. I started looking for proof. At first, I remembered in high school biology, when the male sperm penetrates the female egg, we are told life begins (and still is true in science today). Then looking in the Bible, our Father in Heaven tells us He is the Creator of life. If He is the creator of life, then life does not begin when the egg and sperm merge but when God speaks life into existence - “Let there be Life” …Life begins.

When woman and man decide to end a life, the Bible says that is murder and is one of the Ten Commandments – ‘Thou shall not commit murder’. He does distinguish between ending an innocent life and taking of an evil life. But He also tells us to leave judgement to Him. Woman and man would be doing just that, judging life’s intentions, if ending a life - abortion. It should not be woman’s or man’s choice to end an innocent life.

Then you have those who are indifferent to God’s commands, to those who think they can make that judgment – I would ask you, do you know what the abortion procedure involves? In reading about the different abortion procedures, one can see they rival the most gruesome horrific image imagined.

Add to this horror, the proven fact that the baby can feel pain while in the womb! I am sorry to say this but if anyone who has read about these procedures and could still approve abortion as a viable end, under any circumstance, their brain is washed by unspeakable evil.

Abortion has been rebranded as a ‘woman’s choice’ or ‘Pro-choice’. It has also moved to be a celebration done in public. We are living in Babylonian times or even end-of-times, but the upcoming generations are going to see abortion for what is – ending of an innocent life, a baby. God Bless the current and next generations with the Truth. Amen.


Russel Delamater