It is time to make schools a safe place

Thursday, October 3, 2019

It is time to make schools a safe place

Dear Editor:

We are writing in favor of the school bond. We have both attended the Glendive Public School system since the first grade and graduated from Dawson County High School. Our two children, two grandchildren and our two great-grandchildren have attended or will attend school in Glendive.

We are thankful the school district offers excellent educational opportunities. Our family feels fortunate to live in a district that supports its schools. It is time for repair and replacement. It is time for safety updates. It is time to make education a safe place for teachers, students and other personnel. This task falls to the taxpayers.

We feel it is a worthy use of our tax funds. It is our future. And, we think it is crucially important for recruitment/retention of businesses and/or people who want to move to Glendive. We often think about those people who didn’t want to vote for the school bond issue in the past, however they did, in order to invest in us and in the future generations. We thank them for that and we ask that you please vote YES!

Don and Penny Zimmerman

Dawson County