Join me in voting for Rosendale

Monday, May 18, 2020

Join me in voting for Rosendale

Dear Editor,

There are a lot of letters bashing different candidates. I am going to tell you good things about a candidate.

My candidate has unquestionable character. What he says is what he believes. He gives to his fellowman. When a local man was fighting cancer, Matt came to town to help him in his butcher shop. He has opened his ranch to The Wounded Warrior Project and to the youth hunting program.

Matt and Jean loaded their pickup with pumpkins and brought them to town so all the kids in their church would have a pumpkin to carve.

Matt’s character and leadership was recognized by his peers when he was elected as Senate Majority Leader. He has earned A ratings from several conservative organizations and has been endorsed by pro-business groups.

Matt is unashamedly Pro-life!

As State Auditor and Insurance Commissioner, Matt decreased the budget in his office by 23%. He was the only state official to decline his pay raise. Under Matt’s leadership we now have more insurance options, including member health share options like Medi-Share.

These are just a few reasons why I am voting for Matt Rosendale for US Congress. I hope you will join me.

For Montana,

Beth Hinebauch

Dawson County