Thursday, December 26, 2019


We can sing the song “Joy to the world, the Lord has come, Let Earth receive her King” ... But where is the joy?

Terrorists attacks, shootings, flood and fire, Chains of addiction, abuse, despair, loneliness, The list goes on and grows.

Everyone is on a journey seeking fulfillment, But when life’s burdens become too heavy to bear. Where do you go?

The world tells you that you are number one, To seek self-importance, self-pleasure; But in turn leads to emptiness and sorrow. Jesus came to fill our hearts with Joy Calling out, and offering a brighter tomorrow.

But hearts become cold and pride sets in, Afraid to lose control and reusing To just let go of self and sin. So you struggle, not willing to surrender. You want to call the shots, And will not allow Jesus to come in.

Instead you sink into the pit of self-pity. You share your sorrow with anyone who will listen. Angry at the world’ you cry out to God, “Why me?” God doesn’t want you to remain a victim, Jesus came into this world to set you free.

Afraid to give up anything; But you need to understand, That giving up self, you gain so much more, The Lord only wants to bless you And you will find that Joy is what’s in store.

You need to stop and ask yourself, And really think this through. All your self-seeking desires for fulfillment And wallowing in self-pity ...

How is it really working for you?

The path of Joy runs straight through the heart Of pain and suffering, the Lord knows how you feel. Come to the foot of the cross, With a yielded surrendered heart, You’ll find His love and presence to be real.

Come to Jesus with a thankful heart of praise And in His presence you will find ... Joy In the darkness of your soul ... Joy When your heart is breaking ... Joy When all hope is gone ... Joy Physical and emotional pain ... you can find Joy.

Isn’t it ironic, to understand this concept, That fain is found in giving? What really matters is the love you give away That will bring true Joy in living.

Look around and you will see That others are hurting too Waiting for a word of comfort and hope, And that someone could be you.

Despite the sorrow and trials, Heartaches, disappointment and strife, The Joy of the Lord can be your strength And will help you walk in newness of life.

By Janice Thompson

Glendive, MT