Just another dirty trick by Democrats

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Dear Editor:

Democrats stamped the President with a scarlet letter moments after he announced his candidacy, and have dogged him ever since. It wasn’t so much his abrasive personality, his extravagant lifestyle or philandering they disliked, it was because they feared he could win.

For decades the left and Democrats have gone after those they disagreed with both politically and professionally, with hints of Mob ties, sexual inuendos, criminal behavior and association with foreign dictators. They aren’t satisfied with mere disagreement, they seek character assassination and complete destruction, and will not give up until they win.

A rush to impeachment comes as no surprise. Nancy Pelosi has painted herself into a blind corner with only one way out. It’s no accident a vote was held for impeachment on Halloween, a pagan holiday with dark occult undertones, or the inquiry was held in an obscure room in the Whitehouse basement with no admittance to Republicans or press. This sham amounts to nothing more than Gestapo tactics by a power hungry group of dissident demagouges, who seek to undermine our judicial system and steal our freedoms. It is just another tool in the bag of dirty tricks Democrats keep on hand. If allowed to succeed, this will set a dangerous precedent for all future elections on both sides of the aisle.

I believe Democrats are trying to save Joe Biden from his latest scandal. Don’t be surprised if Biden is the nominee, names Hillary as running mate and if elected, bows out do to health concerns, leaving her to assume the office by default. After all, that has been the plan all along.


Marian Keller