Keep the sale of recreational marijuana out of Dawson Co.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Dear editor:

Do not be blind sighted with the promise of how much more tax dollars will be raised by the sale of “recreational” marijuana. It is all about greed!

In Colorado, the true test State for recreational marijuana, now with 9 years experience, the pediatric admissions for drug overdose among young people increased dramatically. The occurrence of tardiness and absenteeism has more than doubled. Please research...Smart approaches to marijuana Mission-Smart Approaches to Marijuana (

• What a conflicting message here in Dawson County that the tax receipts raised will be directed towards “public safety” and increase law enforcement. Of course we will need more law enforcement as the increase in crime alone will require it. The link Economic and Social Costs of Legalized Marijuana – Centennial Institute ( includes this observation: ‘For every dollar gained in tax revenue, those who live in Colorado spent approximately $4.50 to every $1.00 raised to mitigate the effects of legalization”

This is also demonstrated by the resultant need and cost of dealing with the increase in crime and cost of more drug treatment programs.

Please do your own research, lookup: “Recreational marijuana and crime rates” and see what I am referring to. In many instances marijuana has also proven to be a “gateway” drug to the use of harsher and more addictive substances. We do not need these nor the people who promote them here.

On all grade levels, our schools are having enough issues right now trying to cope with the increase in behavioral problems associated with last year’s Covid caused isolation crisis. Children and people do not need an additional substance to escape reality. They need exercise, basket ball courts, activities and community centers and events!

How can one not think that with all that is going on, that kids would not be even more willing to try “recreational” marijuana? Do not allow our towns to be devastated by this!

Please join me in remaining steadfast in our commitment to keep the sale of “recreational” marijuana out of our beloved communities. Vote “NO” on your special ballot which will be mailed out to you beginning December 3rd! Remember it only made the ballot by a handful of petitioners.

With a loving concern for Dawson County,

Susan Elhart