Lack of maintenance is the issue

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Dear Editor:

Why should the property taxpayers pass a school bond because the superintendent was derelict in his duty to properly maintain the schools?

Lincoln could be upgraded with new heating and cooling, which would replace the boiler system. The electrical would also be another easy fix by utilizing the ceilings in the halls as a main mechanical supply. Electrical can easily drop down the wall above the drop ceilings in each room as with the heating and cooling. The windows are yet another easy fix by installing new efficient windows that are argon gas filled for efficiency. Making the building ADA compliant would entail adding a ramp and automatic openers at the entrance door. There is also room to add an elevator to the second floor if needed or utilize the first -floor classrooms for ADA compliance. The water entering the building was caused by professional contractors hired by the school district, who sloped the grade towards, rather than away from the buildings. They should have been held accountable for this. Problems listed in the talking points were caused by a lack of maintenance. The Ranger Review did a story on this, which stated the schools were neglected for the last 20 years. Where did the money go to that the tax payers assessed each year towards maintenance? This can be attributed to wasteful mismanaged spending!

As for Jefferson’s school, The boiler is new. We noticed that the chemical injector into the water line that feeds the boiler was empty. This will cause the pipes to erode and destroy the new boiler. Additionally, they are not utilizing an oxygen scavenger in the injection chemicals. This would remove oxygen from the water, pretty much stopping any corrosion. My unanswered questions: 1. What is the cost analysis for Lincoln school to be retrofitted? What is the cost analysis for Jefferson to be retrofitted? Why are you adding the new cooling system when they are only 5 years old? Who is doing the asbestos abatement?

It is easier to sell a bill of goods like a salesman by using emotion to tug at heartstrings. Leave emotion aside and stick to the facts. This meeting was for JOHNSON CONTROLS, not so much for the taxpayers! When we asked to see the architectural specs and prints, Stephen said that if we want to look at the specs we have to pass the bond first. Sounds like “Nancy Pelosi” If you want to know what’s in the bill, first you have to pass it!

If Lincoln school was torn down, Dollar General would use 1 acre of land, which would leave the playground for the community. That would bring a tax paying, very much needed Business.

Charles Peterson

Dawson County