Letter was the lowest form of leftist bullying

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Dear Editor:

In reference to a letter I wrote on the Nuermburg Trials that set presedent on forced treatment against your will, a letter from Holly Disch referred to me as an uneducated, tactless, disrespectful antisematic. That statement by Ms Disch is by far the lowest form of leftist bullying I have ever witnessed. When you voice your opinion on a public forum you expect disagreement, but nothing as insulting and ugly as her attack on my character. She would do well to forgo the statistics and get real accounts from those who suffered during the Holocaust at the hands of evil scientists and doctors charged with the horrible atrocities preformed against and entire population of Jews.

Obama Care and the US constitution guarantees the right to opt out of any treatment forced on you and your right to voice that opposition. If you’ve recovered from the virus and have natural immunity and antibodies you are not a threat to anyone. Masks and vaccine are for your protection, not to protect others from you.

Glendive has always been a nice, quiet town of frendily genial people who agree to disagree. We need to keep it that way. We don’t need the kind of hate and accusation demonstrated by Holly Disch.


Marian Keller