Will you vote or will you hide

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Will you vote or will you hide

Dear Editor, Democrats are kind and wise, It’s Trump supporters they dispise. They won’t abide a cretin view, Now that impeachments overdue.

Democrats resist; refuse Federal laws they cannot use. In unison they gaily cite, It’s treasonous; it’s just not right!

Trump upset the apple cart. For this high crime he must depart. Spineless votes decide his fate. We must impeach, it cannot wait!

Democrats wield vengence well, From secret rooms they cast a spell. They decide who stays or go, From hidden bunkers far below.

Ask yourself, what is the plan? Do Democrats just hate the man? Or could it be success they fear, Or just a wish he disappear.

In 2020 we decide. Will you vote, or will you hide? Will you chose prosperity, Or support this trickery?

Marian Keller