Life-long memories made here

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Forty years ago this summer, a group of 14- and 15-year-old baseball players from Glendive and Circle played some great baseball to win the Babe Ruth Baseball State Tournament hosted at Glendive’s Whipkey Field.

As one of the team captains, I’d like to again thank the community for its support of our team during that wonderful 1982 season. To me, it’s a tradition in Glendive to support young people and their efforts. It set a great example for those of us who benefited from it to follow when we became parents, business owners and community members wherever we landed in life.

We were bolstered in 1982 by the fact that Glendive was hosting the state tournament at Whipkey Field, so an additional amount of time was spent by team members helping tend the field to get it into top condition to be a good host.

Members of that team have gone on to do good work across the country as teachers, business people, technology workers, accountants, utility workers, lawyers, coaches, farmers, postal workers, engineers and communicators. Some in our crew went to star in other sports at the collegiate level, and a good number were members of the American Legion Blue Devil team that won the state title in 1985. We’re proud to be a small slice of Glendive baseball history.

Our head coach was Doug Frenzel and our assistant coach was Ed Riggs. That team was: Anthony Campbell, David Kleppelid, Ty Haggerty, Greg Maher, Rob Stoltz, Heath Grimes, Everett Riggs, Roger Fasting, Greg Foust, Todd Van Duesen, Keith Polesky, Travis McRae, Brad Dickhaut, Brent Diegel and Mike Dougherty. You might recognize Brent Diegel’s name. He was one of the co-captains of that team and he continues to help nurture a strong baseball tradition in Glendive today.

That summer, we won the state championship on a blazing hot day against Butte after playing some strong ball against a number of good teams from across the state. After the trophy ceremony, we traded in our yellow and black Glendive uniforms for the blue and white uniforms with Montana printed across the front.

Many of our families and fans loaded their cars and traveled the 955 miles west to Pendleton, Oregon for the Babe Ruth Pacific Northwest Regional Tournament. It was a memorable trip and one that did see us play some good baseball, but not good enough to win it.

So thank you again, Glendive. I hope you’ll continue to support young people in whatever activities they participate in, and especially keep baseball a strong community effort that makes people proud.

Today, I live in Minnesota, but I always tell folks that Montana is home.

Mike Dougherty

Rochester, Minn.