Local state of emergency declared

Brendan Heidner
Sunday, March 22, 2020

As the status of COVID-19 continues to evolve, both the City of Glendive and Dawson County have declared states of local emergency.

Issuing the declarations give city and county officials the ability to utilize state and federal resources should they need them.

Among the directives of the emergency declaration is the temporary closure of Glendive City Hall and the cancellation of all city committees, board and advisory groups meeting, unless required by law. The City Council will continue to meet.

As for county operations, departments in the courthouse are still open at this time.

However, the Dawson County Commissioners are highly encouraging everyone to practice “social distancing” and do as much of their business with any of the departments remotely by phone call, mail or email.

“We are trying as best we can to stay ahead of the curve and protect the citizens,” Commissioner Dennis Zander said after signing the declaration Friday.

The county released information on the county’s limited services on Monday, including the closure of the Glendive Senior Center and limited use of the public transportation bus. Information about county action earlier this week can be found in the Thursday, March 19 Ranger-Review and on our website at rangerreview. com.

According to the declarations, the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates the COVID-19 pandemic has caused over 10,000 cases and 150 deaths across the United States as of March 19.

The City of Glendive’s declaration of a local state of emergency pursuant to MCA code Section 10-3-402 includes the following:

• Response and recovery of adopted local disaster emergency plans are activated as well as authorizing the furnishing of aid and assistance in accordance with those plans.

• All directives provided by Governor Steve Bullock in regard to COVID-19 will be adhered to and implemented by the city.

• All regular meetings of the Glendive City Council will still be held, but only essential legally required actions will be considered until the meetings can take place remotely and all meetings may be cancelled by the Mayor’s order.

• Meetings of committees, boards and advisory groups and all other scheduled public meetings and hearings of the City Council - if they are not legally required to take action - are temporarily postponed and will tentatively resume after May 7, 2020.

• City Hall is temporarily closed to the public until the declaration of emergency is terminated, however, all employees will remain available by phone call or email.

As for Dawson County’s declaration of a local state of emergency pursuant to the same MCA code includes the following:

• Needs for medical services essential to ensure the health, safety and welfare of residents of the county will be provided by local medical facilities and the Dawson County Health Department.

• The Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan will be implemented.

• Authorization of the necessary county agencies to assist the county, city and people of Dawson County in containing, preparing for, responding to and recovering from COVID-19.

• Necessary testing, equipment such as Personal Protective Equipment and other materials are included to assist with finding, preventing and combating the virus.

Full copies of the declarations can be found on the City of Glendive and Dawson County websites at www.cityofglendive.us and www.dawsoncountymontana.org

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