Look to the Absolute Truth to keep your life on the right path

Thursday, October 31, 2019
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Guest Column

I realize the summer-fallow days are over because of the new methods of farming and the increased demand to produce, but when I was nine years old I cut my teeth in the fields by digging summer-fallow with a 21-foot digger. We always cut across the field at a diagonal to ensure that every weedy patch got a thorough working over. Usually my older brother Kyle would take the four-wheel drive Case and I would take the two-wheel drive Case. Starting in the middle we would work in the opposite direction slowly getting farther, and farther apart as we went. While the days seemed never ending, we somehow managed to pass the time by making faces at each other, giving the thumbs up sign or occasionally stopping for a five-minute break to chase a gopher that no longer had a hole to hide in. Nevertheless, we both knew that we were doing man’s work every time we climbed those steps to sit tall in whatever tractor we were entrusted with that day.

I came to rely on my brother each day in the fields and knew that if there was ever a problem his help was immediate. Each time we started a new field I would follow his lead as he would make that perfectly straight diagonal line. We took pride in our work and did our best to keep things plumb throughout the entire field. To have a curve or to lose that straightness in any way, to us, was unacceptable.

I remember well when I was instructed to start on a stubble field without Kyle. I tried not to let dad know how nervous I was, but a million things went through my mind. What if I breakdown? What if I get stuck? What if the CB doesn’t reach home base? And the list goes on. Dad assured me that I was ready, and he had full confidence in my ability. He told me how to start out straight by instructing me to pick out an object at the opposite end of the field. All I needed to do was to head for that object and after reaching the other end my first swath would be perfectly straight. Dad then went on to tell me about my Uncle Mike’s experience doing the same. He had the same instructions but when he turned around to see his handiwork, he had strayed left, right, and all over the place. Instead of picking out something that would remain stationary like a corner post or a tree, he picked out a grazing cow in the neighboring pasture. After a good laugh at my uncle’s expense, I felt better and went on to have a very good day.

I believe that life is very much like working in the fields of my youth. John 14:6 tells us that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Nobody can come into fellowship with Father except through him. He is the way to the Father. He is Absolute Truth; truth that is immovable and unchangeable. He does not drift like a grazing cow, public opinion, or the religions of convenience and inconsequential traditions. Just as I needed to focus on a solid, immovable object to make my first swath straight across the field, so I must focus on the Absolute Truth (God), to walk the straight path of this life. It was good to know that my brother was nearby, that dad was just a CB call away and would be checking in on me often. It is even better to know that according to Romans 8:34-39 God will never leave me or forsake me. There is nothing that can separate me from His love!

Do you have full confidence as you life your life today? What have you focused upon to be sure your path is straight? God’s Word is true, and His love is eternal. The life lived to the fullest and the hope of eternal life is just a prayer away. I encourage you to commit your life to Jesus Christ today. None of us can keep the field of life perfectly straight, but it sure helps to start out true to plumb as we look to the only Absolute Truth.

Kevin Petersen is the pastor at the Glendive Assembly of God church. He can be reached at pktstudy@glendiveag.org.