Masks on buses make no sense

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Dear Editor:

To start, I want the teachers and the administration to know that they are very much valued, that we could not do any of this without them. We entrust them with our children’t education. I also believe very strongly in parents’ and kids’ rights.

With our previous vote regarding removing teacher jurisdiction of requiring classroom masks, I feel that a system that is not requiring mask for a daily practice should not be making exceptions to one classroom, etc. It is my hope that the district’s decision to remove masks is across the board. I hope that the emergency rule that our Governor has issued earlier this week adds more clarity to that situation.

I believe the current administration and staff would be overwhelmingly surprised on how much this board has their backs when it comes to fixing our schools, updating our textbooks and providing a safe clean environment for our kids and teachers. I have their backs when it comes to their retirement, pay raises and benefits. If we can put to rest this mask controversy, we can focus on forward motion for our schools.

As for having our kids wear masks on school buses and not in school is lacking common sense. Our kids can be together all day, eat together, play at recess together, be on the same volleyball or football team together, and be in a huddle and not have a mask on. But when they ride the bus for 15-20 minutes in the morning before school and 15-20 minutes after, they must wear a mask? But is is also much bigger than that, with our sports teams traveling to Livingston now, they must wear a mask for 5-6 hours each way.

Our kids have been through a lot the last 18 months, and we have asked a lot of them, and they have handled it like absolute champions!

We want our kids to follow the rules. If we are asking them to abide by something, it should make sense. Not masking in school, sports, youth groups, or any other part of their everyday school year, but requiring it on buses doesn’t cut back on exposure. It seems like asking something from our kids for nothing, which concerns me that when we do need them to abide by something that does make sense, we have lost them.

So that all being said, I disagree with our kids’ wearing masks on buses. That is what my heart, head, and gut tell me. The upcoming cold and flu season

The upcoming cold and flu season is coming up fast upon us, and it could be an ugly winter. By allowing the federal government to do this to us, we are allowing them to set a precedence that we will not question their regulations if or when we come to making adjustment in the future. The community seems to want things based on local health, and local benefits, and handing that independence over is something I do not believe in. I will not waiver on the kids wearing masks on the bus, when it is not required anywhere else.

Cole Smith

GUSB Trustee