Moral decay is the real issue in our nation, not the guns

Thursday, June 23, 2022

I’m responding to the Bob Brown Guest Opinion article where he opines that the difference between a statesman and a politician is that the statesman would rather be right then be reelected. He includes Mike Mansfield in the “statesman” category but that confuses me because I don’t believe Mansfield was right with his stance on gun control.

Using Brown’s definition of a “statesman”, I would have to categorize the former U. S. Senator as a politician who was being “intellectually lazy” in his assessment of the causes of violence in America.

Firearms don’t cause violence any more than a vehicle or a bomb because they’re inanimate objects and are the tool a “nutcase” uses for their desired effect. It’s easy to say let’s “outlaw” handguns, as Mansfield stated, but that wouldn’t do anything to stop the violence that crazy people visit on their victims.

Remember the Oklahoma City bombing that Timothy McVeigh perpetrated or the 2021 SUV assault, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, that killed 6 people and injured 62 others during the annual Christmas parade when Darrell E. Brooks drove through the crowd. Is Brown suggesting that we ban vehicles or maybe even Christmas parades?

Brown also wonders what Mansfield would think about the “assault weapons” of today but doesn’t he know that they’re the same semi-automatic weapons of Mansfield’s time.

They may look “scary” but they operate the same. With one pull of the trigger, one shot is fired so what’s Brown’s definition of the fictional “assault weapon”? Also, 75% of “mass shootings”, defined as 4 or more people shot, are committed w/ handguns not rifles (see Chicago and other inner cities).

Finally he wants Senators Tester and Daines to “defy the gun guys and act in the public interest” but I’ve got news for Bob Brown the RINO. It’s called the 2nd Amendment, it’s in the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution, and it’s the reason 40% of the world’s guns are in the hands of the free citizens of the United States. We’ve got a problem in this country and it’s been building since the Columbine massacre in 1999 but its “root cause” is the morale decay in our nation and not guns.


Patrick Prescott