New Boys and Girls Club director works to regain footing

Noah French
Sunday, December 8, 2019
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Lori Hajek is the new director of the Dawson branch of the Boys and Girls Clubs of the MonDak. The club is in the process of regrouping and refocusing following a change in structure and leadership.

As the school year goes on, the Dawson branch of the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Mondak is just starting to regain its footing. The first step to this is the hiring of the new Branch Director Lori Hajek.

Hajek’s experience with the club comes from her time as a foster parent, when she would take full advantage of the local club’s programs for the benefit of the children she had taken into her care.

Bringing her experience from the outside, Hajek starts her path towards bettering the club armed with what she saw work in the past.

At the heart of her actions is Hajek’s steadfast belief that children’s time at the club will help them to grow socially alongside their academics.

Internally, Hajek plans to reinvigorate studying/ tutoring programs, as well as the programs that allow children to decompress after school. Externally, the club’s focus is moving towards growth.

Since Boys and Girls Clubs are financially independent from the national organization, they require a healthy relationship with their communities.

For the Dawson branch, these relationships will start with outreach towards the school district and established civic groups throughout the community.

Even with this outreach, however, Boys & Girls Club CEO Elaine Stedman is still worried that parents might avoid the Dawson Club for financial reasons.

Club membership requires a $100 payment a year, with a $50 payment every month.

While on paper this seems to be an unreasonable price, the $50 per month doesn’t even fully cover the club’s investment into the child.

The Boys and Girls Club has a very diversifiesd income, with far more money entering the club through donations than membership fees. In fact, the club’s policy is strictly against turning down any member on a financial basis.

Membership can be covered using a sliding-scale scholarship, that helps low income parents cover the membership costs.

These scholarships, too, are largely possible through community support. The club’s various fund raisers are what make both the club’s operations and its financial aid possible.

To help support the Dawson Boys and Girls Club, you can mail cash or check donations to Boys & Girls Club of Dawson County PO Box 875 Glendive, make “In-Kind” donations of games, books, school supplies, etc. by calling the club at (406) 377-7999, or participate in their local fund raisers.

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