New fast food franchise expected to open soon

Thursday, August 15, 2019
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The new BluTaco restaurant is being installed in the West Gate Cenex on Highway 16. Installation crews were working on the electrical components Tuesday morning and work will continue for the next several days. The location is expected to open around Aug. 20.

New dining options will be coming to town when a brand new BluTaco opens later this month. Based in Missouri, BluTaco is a chain of establishments serving classic tex-mex favorites. It’s still a young business, just a couple years old, and doesn’t have many locations.

The new business will be located in the West Gate Cenex on Highway 16.

According to manager Teala Kinsey, the tentative opening date for the location will be around Aug. 20.

While Glendive has had local Mexican food places before, Kinsey noted that there is plenty to set BluTaco apart from those places.

Firstly, its presentation. Customers will find the experience somewhat similar to Subway in that they will get to come in, make an order and then choose from a variety of options to customize it to their tastes. Kinsey noted that all food options are fresh and healthier than what people would find at similar places.

Customers will also be treated to BluTaco’s signature novelty, literally blue tacos. BluTaco makes their corn tortillas using blue corn, giving their taco shells a distinct color. Blue corn also has a higher protein content than standard yellow corn.

Kinsey, who is also the regional manager for the six Cenex gas stations in and around town, said she found BluTaco while at a trade show in Idaho last year. The company that owns BluTaco also provides inventory to Cenex, so they were at the show as well. Kinsey noted she hadn’t planned on coming back with a new restaurant to open, but after seeing what it had to offer, she thought Glendive would appreciate another food option.

“It’s awesome. The choices were either BluTaco or a chicken place but I didn’t want to work with raw chicken and BluTaco seemed healthier,” Kinsey said.

Kinsey noted that the emphasis on fresh and healthy ingredients was one of her favorite aspects of the business and the location of the West Gate Cenex means it is likely to attract plenty of business off of the interstate.

Once open, the business hours will be from 5:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Kinsey said that they will be serving breakfast as well, but at this point doesn’t know what time breakfast service will stop. There will be no drive through, only walk-in service.

Kinsey also isn’t sure how many positions will need to be filled but said she would be happy to have high school students apply for the later shifts.

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