New Glendive brand and tag line announced

Brendan Heidner
Sunday, November 20, 2022
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Rebel River officials announced a new brand and tag line for downtown Glendive on Thursday. The Downtown Glendive Committee received a $15,000 grant for the branding process and the City of Glendive contributed matching funds of $3,000.

A subcommittee of the Downtown Master Plan Committee, in conjunction with Rebel River Creative, revealed the new brand for Glendive that includes a logo and tag line to the public on Thursday.

In February of this year, the DTMP Committee was awarded a grant in the amount of $15,000 from the Montana Department of Commerce in order to hire a firm to establish a branding plan for Glendive. The grant was accompanied by a $3,000 match from the City of Glendive giving the committee a total budget of $18,000.

Upon receiving the grant, the committee formed the branding committee who eventually hired Rebel River, a marketing agency out of Billings, in June after reviewing three firms bidding to carry out the branding plan.

Rebel River and the branding committee were pleased to present the newly-formed logo and tag line after months of community research and internal design.

“After going through the request for proposal process, selecting a firm (and) receiving the grant to do this project, we are now here to reveal that to the community,” Dara Deines said.

The new logo features a simple letter “G” with a distinguished caprock from Makoshika State Park and a sun therein and is accompanied by what the committee refers to as the “punchy” tag line: Get A Life In Glendive. “The most important part of coming up with this brand and tag line was research and strategy and from there we were able to take all of that information and come up with creatively what we are about to show you today,” co-founder of Rebel River Bob Tanboe said during the public unveiling Thursday. While conducting a community study in September, Rebel River received a total of 483 survey responses and held three focus group discussions with 30 total participants representing local businesses, organizations and residents.

Rebel River social media strategist Gillette Vaira noted she believes the number of responses truly reflects the people of Glendive’s desire to get involved in developing the community.

“The most important part of coming up with this brand and tag line was research and strategy, and from there we were able to take all of that information to come up with creatively what we are about to show you today,” Bob Tanboe, Rebel River co-founder “I think it really is a testament to the involvement the community wants to have moving forward,” Vaira said.

After “pouring” over the survey response information, Vaira added that she had a lot of quotes memorized and shared her favorite one.

“One person said that she got her time back when she moved back to Glendive as she spends little to no time in a car compared to where she had lived previously,” she noted. “They felt like that slower pace gave them more time to enjoy with their family.”

“One of my favorite quotes was a lady said that she and her husband had been to the Grand Canyon and she was not impressed, it was just a bigger Makoshika,” Tanboe said. “That spoke to me a lot when coming up with this (brand).”

Based on the responses received through the surveys and the focus groups, Rebel River outlined that the people in Glendive find the city to be full of opportunities, a safe place to live, the home to dreamers and doers and undiscovered, to name a few.

“We’re hoping that this brand can help you be more discovered moving forward,” Vaira said. “Overall, we noticed that the Glendive locals are very proud of what Glendive has to offer.”

Tanboe believes the new logo and tagline is one that will help promote Glendive both to locals and visitors alike over time.

“This is a time for Glendive to be proud,” Tanboe said.

Overall, the committee and members of the public in attendance for the brand reveal expressed their approval of the logo and tagline.

“This has been a great experience,” Deines said. (Rebel River was) wonderful to work with and we appreciate all of the time and energy that (they) put into this.”

The local branding committee was comprised of 10 members of the community including Chairwoman Dara Deines, LaNette Simonton, Jason Stuart, Joy Fleming, Terra Burman, Stephen Schreibeis, Teresea Olson, Betsey Hedrick, Jaime Shanks and Doug Byron.

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