Georgia Senner

Georgia “Doe Doe” Senner sadly passed away on February 18th, 2023, at the age of 76.

Georgia was a loving, free spirit who lived life on her own terms. Her restless heart enjoyed moving to a new town or state, even if she had never been there previously. Always wanting advice from her family but ultimately ignoring it haha, Georgia would decide to move on to her next destination. Along the way, she would have many traveling companions of the four-legged kind. Georgia loved all animals but was happiest surrounded by the unconditional love of her dogs. She once had so many dogs we joked she needed a kennel license! We will miss so many things about Doe Doe: her sense of humor, stubborn and independent nature, caring and loving heart, and strength and resilience. We are all very grateful she is now resting peacefully at her final destination in Heaven.