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The Ranger-Review welcomes letters to the editor on any issue of public interest. But, in order to be published, the letters must:

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• Be legible if written, but online submission, e-mail or typed is preferred.

Preference will be given letters from the Dawson County area. Letters from outside the area will be considered if they are of sufficient interest.

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A press release is simply a statement prepared for distribution to the media. Press releases can announce a range of business news such as: scheduled events, awards, accomplishments, other financial data, etc. 


1. Suggested headline - this should be brief, clear and to the point.

2. Body - start with the date and city. The lead sentence goes next and should introduce what the press release will be about and grab people’s attention. 

The next several paragraphs should provide details about the subject, and the further paragraphs should elaborate it. End with contact information for those who have more questions.

3. Include information about your organization following the press release in case the editor has additional questions.

4. Include contact information for the editor.


• A press release should be written in third person. Instead of using we, us and ours, you should be using they, them and theirs.

• It is best to include the time, date and place in the second or third paragraph.

• Make sure to answer the five questions journalists always look for – who, what, when, where, why and how?

• Keep it simple – Press releases that include basic, important information have a better chance of not being cut for style or space.

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