Our path is paved of the pieces of many rocks

Theology In The Trenches By Kathleen Kjolhaug
Sunday, November 14, 2021
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The small earth toned rock stood solid amidst the other cobble stones upon the road. This particular day I was looking for heart rocks, but as I bent down to pick one up, my eye caught sight of another little gem. Etched within this small rock was a darkened cross...making it unmistakable.

As I began to dig into the dirt to loosen it…it moved. Just one more little tug and it would soon be out. Tug I did and soon the small cross etched rock came out alright and promptly split into pieces! Seven to be exact is what the little rock split into.

Like a puzzle before me it sat within the palm of my hand. Some pieces were narrow, some were rounded, while others had a sharper edge. Each and every piece had come from the rock I’d initially spied along the gravel road, and I was determined to put them together again in order to see the cross etched within.

A smile came across my face as I discovered the first two pieces went hand-in-hand so-to-speak. The third piece was found moments later and the fourth creviced in shortly thereafter. The fifth nestled in as did the sixth and soon, thereafter, the final piece wedged itself into the mix as the puzzle was now complete.

Had I not rescued the little rock puzzle along life’s path, I suppose it would now be lying in parts along the gravel road supporting the foundation upon which I walk.

As I still, thoughts begin to form. In pieces my thoughts come together but this time, I’m marveling at THE Rock. He, too, was drawn to the cross and was broken…broken for all. Much like the small rock puzzle, His pieces remain foundational…giving us a path upon which to walk more sure footedly.

1 Corin. 11:24-25 gives proof. “And giving thanks, He broke it, and said: ‘Take and eat. This is my body, which shall be given up for you. Do this in remembrance of me.”

He gave thanks. Before he broke it and before He was broken, He gave thanks. For you it was broken, and for you He was broken.

It was while we were yet broken He died for us (Rom. 5:8). He did not wait for us to put the pieces back together but it was while we were yet sinners.

And so I confess and He who is faithful and just forgives. (John 1:9).

All because the Rock, Christ Jesus, was broken for you… for me. Amen.

Kathleen Kjolhaug lives outside of Clear Brook, Minn., with her husband Pete and their six children. She can be reached by email at wemenews@gvtel.com.