Passing the schoolbond showspride

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Dear Editor:

It is all about attitude. A community is a home. What makes a community great is the culture and attitude. We can choose to have a positive, forward looking community, or one that will forever be looking in the rear view, hoping and waiting for something better. The people waiting may never see it, and the people hoping will probably move. Passing the school bond would be a tremendous show of character and stimulation for our town. One that says we are proud of what we have built and we’re not going anywhere. The longer these schools and our community go down the path of “it’s not good for me” the harder and more costly it will be. At some point, there is no going back.

There is not a better time, or alternative to the current bond. We simply cannot fix all of the issues at our schools in a more cost-effective manner than the current proposal. Those avenues have been researched and vetted. It took many iterations, and several tough people, tough questions and frankly some “no’s” to get to where we are. What we have is a recommendation from professionals on how to proceed.

Lastly, I’ve increasingly heard the term “boycotting” from those against the bond as well as supporters of the bond. Why? How does this help Glendive? Voting for the bond has to be one of the most unselfish things a person/family/ business can do, in that you are willing to monetarily give to our future, our youth, and our legacy. The willingness to do so should be commended, not chastised. Thank you to the teachers, school staff, custodians, coaches, board members, and everyone who has kept our schools functional well beyond recommended lifecycles.


Jess Johnson