Please do not support legal marijuana

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Dear Fine Folks of Dawson County:

Please do not support the legal sale of “recreational” marijuana for the City of Glendive or for Dawson County, Montana. A close member of our family served as a policeman for 3 1/2 years in a suburb of Seattle, Wash. His observance is that the so-called recreational marijuana has very often proven to be a gateway drug to the use of harsher, more addictive drugs. You can safetly bet it will filter its way into the schools and the college campus as well!

Sure, the initial idea of how much tax revenue the ale of marijuana would create is tempting. Don’t be fooled! The long term effects of its approval would by far cost this community more in the increase of crime, vagrancy, and tax payer paid drug addiction programs. That doesn’t even take into account the devastation that drug use does to families and communities.

Seattle, Portland and many other beautiful cities have suffered tremendously. People are leaving there in droves. Even our fine Capital of Helena now has marijuana dispensaries on almost every main street, and that does not include the full array of pawn shops and casinos that were already there. Thank you for your consideration to impact this very important letter.


A very concerned citizen of Glendive, Dawson County, Montana

Susan Elhart