Public invited to Glendive brand reveal on Thursday

Brendan Heidner
Sunday, November 13, 2022

A unified brand that includes a logo and memorable tag line for Glendive is officially complete and a full public release of the final product is scheduled to take place next week.

All members of the public are encouraged to attend the brand reveal that will take place on Thursday, Nov. 17 at 12 p.m. in the Ullman Center at Dawson Community College.

Rebel River Creative out of Billings announced this week they are ready to reveal the new brand identity for Glendive after it was approved by the Downtown Master Plan Committee.

The committee hired Rebel River in May for a total of $18,000 to produce an attractive brand that could get used by local businesses and organizations to show Glendive off to visitors.

In an interview on Thursday, Rebel River Co-Founder and Creative Director Bob Tambo and Social Media Strategist Gillette Viara expressed how much they enjoyed working on the DTMP Committee’s branding project for Glendive.

“We had a lot of fun putting this stuff together trying to tell the Glendive story,” Bob Tambo said. “We can’t wait to show what we came up with.”

DTMP Committee Chairwoman Dara Deines noted the committee is excited about the brand reveal after receiving significant support from members of the Glendive community.

As part of a community study led by Rebel River in September, they received a total of 483 survey responses about what the people of Glendive believe the brand should look like.

“The most exciting part about getting to reveal it is the fact that we had so much community input and thought put into this, that I feel that there is some true buy in to what the idea and what the brand turned out to be” she said. “I think it really encapsulates what some of the main comments were on who Glendive should be.”

Following the community study used to gather data to help create the brand, Vaira noted they spent the next four weeks creating the different designs to present to the DTMP Committee.

“The creative process is a funny animal, I mean, you could come up with an idea in a week, sometimes you just go back and forth, sometimes it’ll take three weeks to two months,” Tambo said. “We really, really wanted to think this out and have something that the community and visitors alike can really appreciate.”

Rebel River presented a total of five brand designs and tag lines for the committee to choose from.

“We were supposed to only give three options, but we threw five in there because we liked all of them,” Tambo said.

He added that the Rebel River team on the project not only “gleaned” a lot from the community input, but also from the unique landscape of Eastern Montana.

“We poured over all of that data and really listened to what the locals wanted and presented that to the branding committee and that was a big part of the decision making process,” Vaira noted.

“I think they definitely met our expectations in terms of the brand that we selected,” Deines said, adding when they finally viewed the design that they liked best, their reaction was comparable to a roaring crowd after a touchdown at the Superbowl. “It’s going to be great and I think it’s what we wanted.”

As part of the reveal, Deines mentioned they will have merchandise and mockup samples to showcase how the brand can possibly be used moving forward.

“We’re just getting a variety of stuff so people can see what it’s going to look like in action,” she noted.

“I think when the town sees their new logo and tag line, we feel that their going to appreciate it and resonate with them because ultimately it was designed based on their feedback,” Vaira said.

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