Ranked choice voting is not for us

Sunday, September 11, 2022

I’m responding to the 9/4/22 “Guest Opinion” article by Bob Brown and Marc Racicot where they propose a reform to our primary voting system that’s known as “Rank Choice voting” and they say it’s based on “improving democracy with more democracy”. That’s like saying Biden’s “Inflation Reduction Act” was meant to reduce inflation instead of truthfully saying it was a climate control bill. These two Rino’s quote Teddy Roosevelt but what they don’t reveal is that Roosevelt, along with Presidents Taft and Wilson, brought in the progressive form of government that gave us the 17th Amendment, ratified in 1913, which changed the way Senators were chosen and took away the state’s ability to control the federal government. We now directly elect our Senators instead of the state legislatures appointing them which gave them the ability to recall the Senator at any time if they weren’t representing the state’s interests. For example, Senator John Tester would be farming right now if this was still part of the constitution. This act alone destroyed the 10th Amendment. They created the Federal Reserve System in 1913 otherwise known as the “Creature from Jekyll Island”, with the Glass-Owen Bill, which now controls our money supply instead of the Treasury Department. They also gave us the 16thAmendment, the Federal Income tax in 1913, to pay the interest on the money the Federal Reserve loaned to the government. They didn’t tell us that the Federal Reserve is not under public control and is in fact owned by private shareholders. They used the term “Federal” to deceive the American public when naming it. They then assured us that it would never tax more than 1% of a person’s income. How’s all of this working out for us? Now they want to dilute our ability to pick our primary candidate by ranking them in order of preference from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so on. This will be confusing and hard to understand especially for the majority of uninformed voters. It will be expensive to implement because of the special computer system needed or it will entail labor intensive hand counts. Besides that, unknown amounts of training for the people running the elections will be needed. This is a George Soros ploy where they try to control our elections and lie to us about their real intensions. The sad part is that they get these “useful idiots”, like Brown and Racicot, to go along with it.

Patrick Prescott