Recent snowstorms highlight farmers’ and ranchers’ regular struggles

Thursday, April 28, 2022

As you get ready to get stranded, take a minute to say a quick prayer for all the farmers and ranchers out there.

While we ran to the store for that gallon of milk, they moved panels and windbreaks. They brought livestock into barns and pens, and trailed their herds as close to home as they can. They will be trying to keep an eye on things so their new calves don’t get buried. Literally buried under a 5’ drift.

They will be scooping up wet newborns to get them warm and dry, then getting them back to their momma and hoping they start to drink.

They will be out with plows and snowmobiles, and on foot if they have to be. To save their livelihoods and to out food on our tables.

There’s a thing old farmers say - “A drought ends with a calf-killing blizzard.” It’s a rough truth.

I see you cowboy. My thoughts are with you.

Amy Jo Hoherz

Minot, ND Printed at the request of Donna Knuths, Glendive