Refugees in MT not a good idea

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Dear Editor:

I’m responding to the Mara Silvers article w/ the Montana Free Press that ran in the 9/19/21 Ranger Review. In it, she states that 75 Afghan refugees will be resettled in Missoula, Montana over the coming weeks. I am mystified that Governor Gianforte and Senator Daines are welcoming these unvetted Afghan refugees after Biden’s chaotic retreat where he left behind Americans in Afghanistan. Gianforte states that “Montana welcomes our fully-vetted Afghan allies who worked alongside of us”. How does he know these people he’s welcoming worked alongside us and who in the Biden administration vetted them? Are these the same people who are handling our “southern border crisis”? How do you check the background of someone who has no paperwork? These people just got on a plane during the chaos at the airport and came here. We don’t know anything about them and the only politician that showed any common sense was Representative Matt Rosendale when he cast doubt on the Biden administration’s ability to sufficiently vet the refugees who will be resettled in the U.S. Remember the Clinton administration who settled about 84,000 Somalia refugees, in the 1990’s with 40 percent living in Minnesota, after we pulled out of their country during the “Black Hawk Down” episode. How did that work out? Well, read Dave Gibson’s “Refugee racket” article but to summarize it, they loaded up the state welfare rolls, crime increased, and now they have that idiot Ihan Omar as a representative in our U.S. Congress. She hates Israel, which is not surprising for a Muslim, and there is a credible allegation that she married her brother and migrated here illegally according to Tucker Carlson with Fox News. I strongly agree with Representative Rosendale’s argument that these refugees should be resettled in areas around Afghanistan that share their values and culture. The only Montana politician I’m letting “off the hook”, on this fiasco, is Senator John Tester who is nothing more than the current administration’s “toady” and I wouldn’t waste my breath trying to change his mind.

Patrick Prescott