Rep. Rosendale’s absence was a massive disappointment

Thursday, May 5, 2022

It isn’t often that Miles City gets to host a political Candidate forum for a national office - but we were given that opportunity on Thursday night, April 21st at our very own Miles Community College. Our incumbent Congressman, Matt Rosendale, was invited to participate. What a massive disappointment to have congressman Matt Rosendale thumb his nose at the people and at the agricultural community of eastern Montana, one of his most important constituencies. This was a rare opportunity, I am really angry that our community was so disrespected by Rosendale.

When politicians like Rosendale lose touch with the “people” who elected them, It’s time to elect somebody that won’t lose touch. That’s why I am voting for Mark Sweeney, somebody that I know will make his way back home when there is a political forum that he is invited to speak at. Shame on you Matt.


Charles Cherry

Miles City