Reviewing the Past

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Following are articles as they appeared in the Ranger-Review, the Dawson County Review, and Glendive Independent, 25, 50 & 100 years ago this month.

25 Years Ago

Years of scouting experience and a lot of hard work and effort were rewarded Sunday when Brent O’Connor received the ranking of Eagle Scout.

Exactly 10 years from the day he took his first oath as a Cub Scout, a Court of Honor awarded O’Conner the highest rank a Boy Scout can achieve. The ceremony was held at the Evangelical Church and was put on by his Scout Troop No. 122, which is sponsored by the church.

O’Connor said he has always been interested in the outdoors and has always wanted to help people. Scouting seemed like a good way to combine the two.

In the last 25 years, as far as he knows, only two other Glendive scouts have attained an Eagle Scout rank, he said. Only the top 2 percent of Boy Scouts across the country make it to the Eagle Scout rank, he added.

Reaching it wasn’t easy, he said. He became a Life Scout in the fall of 1991 and has been working toward the next level ever since. After he entered high school, involvement in other activities made it difficult to keep up with scouts, he explained.

Probably the hardest badge to earn was wilderness survival, he said. He had to make a survival kit and then had to build a shelter for one night. He earned this merit badge at a scout camp. The night he built his shelter, it absolutely poured rain and everybody ended up inside.

Brent is not sure what he will do now that he has achieved the Eagle Scout rank but plans to prepare himself for college and then, when things calm down again, work with a local troop to help others achieve their goals.

“I cannot predict where my ambitions and dreams for life will take me, but I do know that I will try my best to be all that I can be,” O’Connor told the friends and family members who attended his Court of Honor. “I am a perfectionist, and although perfection is not always achievable, I will work hard to be the best and not settle for anything less.”

Harry Darling, principal at Jefferson School, has been elected to serve on the Northwest Association of Schools and College Commission.

With this appointment, Darling will be one of 21 commisioners who represent the six western states and Alaska that are accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools.

Darling will replace Karol Johnson, former Assistant Superintendent of Great Falls Public Schools.

50 Years Ago

More than 180 were guests of Dawson College Sunday when they toured the girls’ residence hall on Colin Avenue.

The dormitory’s 11 residents conducted tours of the building and served refreshments.

Mrs. Andrew Brueberg, dorm supervisor, said she, her husband and the girls were pleased to see so many local people tour their college home. She expressed the dormitory’s special gratitude to Harold Wester of Glendive Electric who gave the girls an electric wall clock for the newlyredecorated residence hall lounge. The dorm residents had painted and made draperies for the lounge earlier this year. Mrs. Brueberg said “The clock adds greatly to the room and we appreciate Mr. Wester’s thoughtfulness in giving it to us.”

Mrs. Brueberg also thanked the Dawson College faculty wives who helped prepare refreshments for the open house celebration.

The Dawson girls’ residence hall opened this fall in the building formerly known as the county nursing home. There are currently 11 living in the dorm but women students at the college are allowed to move in at any time during the year. Rooms are available for more Dawson students.

The contest to choose a name for the residence hall is still underway and entries will be accepted at the college until the end of fall quarter. The quarter will end Nov. 25 and the contest will be judged after that date.

Things are really humming around the Dawson County Fairgrounds as preparations go into full swing for the big Northwest International Snowmobile Championship to be held Saturday and Sunday, January 30 and 31, 1971 at Glendive

Banking the ends of a oval track has necessitated the moving of more than 5,000 cubic yards of earth, and the sloping operations at the course by L.P. Anderson Co. are almost completed.

The international championship races, sponsored by the Glendive Lions Club, is expected to draw more than 150 snowmobiles from a six state area. A guaranteed purse of $2,000 could grow with more entries.

The international race is one of the big races on the seasonal calendar, and is sanctioned by the Western Snowmobile Association to which the Glendive club belongs. The association has given the race top rating.

City councilmen Monday night awarded the bid for purchase of a new fire truck, and, while the winning bid was above expectations, it appears there may be ample time to raise the additional funds before the unit is delivered. Delivery date, it was explained, would be between 300 and 390 days from the acceptance of the bid.

The city fathers agreed to purchase a Snorkel 1,000-gallon-per-minute combination pumper with a 55-foot aerial platform and master stream at a cost of $63,345 from T.E. Ness Fire Equipment of Great Falls, which submitted the low bid on the unit.


Harding and Coolidge Will Receive Close To 400 Electoral Votes ––– Dixon Defeats Wheeler and Entire State and County Tickets With One or Two

Exceptions Elected.

New York, Nov. 4. ––– An almost record slashing vote for Senator Harding nearly topping 400 mark and Republican majorities of more than a score in the senate and 150 in the house were assured from virtually complete returns tonight from Tuesday’s elections.

With the Democratic strongholds of Oklahoma, Missouri and Tennessee definitely swept into the Republican ranks by the partie’s crushing victory, the Harding-Coolidge ticket had 396 exclusive of the 400 from Montana, where the Republican state ticket was victorious.

The Republican landslide tonight has given them 58 senate seats as against 37 for the Democrats with late returns undermining the seat of Senator Beckman, Democrat of Kentucky. His Republican opponent, Richard J. Ernst, forged ahead in a nip and tuck fight of the only senate seat left unsettled. Of the 34 senate contests, the Republicans captured nine from Democrats and elected all 15 of their candidates. Among the Democrat senators who today went down to defeat were Senator Chamberlain of Oregon, former chairman of the military committee, Senator Smith of Arizona, who lost to former Representative Cameron and Senator Henderson of Nevada, who was defeated by former Governor Oddie.