Reviewing the Past

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Following are articles as they appeared in the Ranger-Review, the Dawson County Review, and Glendive Independent, 25, 50 & 94 years ago this month.

25 Years Ago

The Dawson County High School Board of Trustees accepted the resignation of head Red Devil Coach Jim Person during a reorganizational meeting of the board Wednesday evening. The board then offered assistant DCHS Coach Russel McCarvel the head coaching position and he accepted.

Superintendent of Schools Dan Martin said, “Jim is a good man and has worked hard with the kids in the football program, and he has done a fine job as DCHS football coach. He not only taught the kids football, but about life and respect for themselves as well.

Coach Person coached the Red Devils for 17 years, taking over the program in 1979. During his tenure as head coach, he had a coaching record of 87 wins and 59 losses. His teams played in three State A title games, losing to Miles City in 1985 and 1995 and to Sidney in 1989.

Coach Person said he has enjoyed all 17 years as coach of the Red Devils. “As a coach you are always going to have high spots and low spots, but overall, the experience has been rewarding for me and my family.”

Continuing, Person said “I would like to give special thanks to all the players I have had through the years, assistant coaches, the support of the Glendive community and Dooley Pauley of The Ranger-Review and Dan Frenzel of KXGN.

50 Years Ago

Two Dawson College DECA students were among the top eight winners at the national DECA competition held April 16-19, in San Antonio, Texas. Winning honors at the event were Erlene Mort and Dennis Kuntz.

Miss Mort, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Erle Mort of Glendive, is employed by Erles’ Enco Service, and her award was for her training manual.

Kuntz is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Kuntz of Glendive and he placed for his training manual. He is employed by Buttrey’s Super Store in Glendive and his project dealt with management of a Buttrey store.

Charles Kintz, distributive education instructor at the college, accompanied the Dawson College team of four to the national meet.

The second annual Four Hour Marathon Race, sponsored by the Glendive Trailbreakers Motorcycle Club, will be held Sunday, May 2nd at the course located five miles west on the Bloomfield Highway. The event will begin at 12:30 p.m.

The object of the race is to tally more laps around the course within four hours than the competing bike within the same class.

The race will begin with a LeMans start, and trophies will go to the first, second and third place winners in each class, plus a first place overall trophy.

Classes will include 0-125 cc, 126-200 cc, and 251 open. There will be two riders per machine who may interchange at will.

This event is one of the first of the season, and a good turnout of riders is expected from North Dakota, Canada, Minnesota, and the immediate Glendive area.

The track is 1.3 miles in length and has been slightly altered to give spectators a better view of the course.

Admission is $1 for adults and children under 12 are admitted free. Refreshments will be served.

94 Years Ago


Not since three million odd doughboys waited for their discharge in 1918-19 has Dame Rumor been so busy, as she has been trying to answer the oft repeated, “What is Henry Ford going to do?”

Perhaps it would not be amiss to present some of the real facts in the case. Facts are truth and the truth must prevail. Here they are:

1,810,027 Ford units were produced in 1926.

Compare this with 740,000 units, the nearest competitor.

The net profits of the company for 1926 were in excess of $100,000,000.

The bank balance carried by the company is approximately $400,000,000 and there are no debts except current bills.

The company is in the best condition in its history. Its plants are in as nearly perfect condition as the company knows how to make them. The company controls enough of the sources of supply of all raw materials, excepting copper and rubber, to make it independent.

Mr. Ford said years ago, “Time spent on your competitors is time lost to your business,” If this is true, the competitors of the Ford Motor Co. have devoted very little time to their own business, and they really should devote a lot of time to it.

In spite of the flurry of rumors regarding price cuts, six-cylinder cars, collapse of the business, etc., the Ford Motor Company has gone serenely on its way. There has been no attempt to refute the ridiculous charges made nor any effort to discredit their originators. They are going along as usual making the most automobiles, for the least money, gradually improving it without any blare of trumpets or extravagant advertising campaign, and producing a product which will SERVE the mass of the people.

Bear this in mind:

568 concerns have tried to make and sell automobiles in the United States.

77 of these were left January 1, 1925.

57 of these are in business today.

Henry Ford’s billion dollar investment is a guarantee that the Ford Motor Co. will answer the roll call long after many more casualties occur.––Paid Advertisement.