Reviewing the Past

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Following are articles as they appeared in the Ranger-Review, the Dawson County Review, and Glendive Independent, 25, 50 & 100 years ago this month.

25 Years Ago

Most ranchers don’t look forward to a day of fixing fences, but for six Bloomfield area men, a day of driving fence posts and fastening wire was an opportunity to make new friends and to share their Christian faith.

The men, members of the Bethlehem and Red Top Mennonite churches, spent a day fixing fences for a rancher in the Powderville area, about 65 miles south east of Miles City.

It wasn’t like the fire had touched parts of the land and gone on. It burned everything in sight. In some places, the wooden fence posts had burned so completely the only thing left to mark the spot was a small pile of staples, he said.

The Dawson Red Devils stayed in the Class A state playoff picture with a hardfought 34-26 win over the Colstrip Colts Friday night at Perham Field The exciting Eastern A conference game was played before a nearcapacity crowd of partisan Glendive fans that were very local in cheering their team to victory. This was also the annual “parent’s night” game.

Glendive Coach Russ McCarvel said, “Colstrip came with everything I thought they would. I thought our defense did a good job by holding Colstrip to only eight points in the second half. Our offensive line did a good job to help us keep field position. This was a very physical game as there were some real banging going on out there.”

The Dawson coach said the win keeps the Red Devils in a battle for a playoff berth.

50 Years Ago

The Glendive Chamber of Commerce Friday was named winner of the State Chamber Community Betterment Award for communities of 3,000 to 7,500 population. The award was one of several presented during a banquet Friday night at the annual Montana Chamber of Commerce meeting in Bozeman.

This marked the third time in the last six years that Glendive has won the first place award in its division.

Attending the Montana Chamber of Commerce meeting as a newly elected member of its board of directors was T.A. Vashus, president of the First National Bank of Glendive.

100 Years Ago


The youngsters of this city can hardly wait for the completion of the swimming pool. Some are so anxious for a good, safe swim that they are already using the pool, which is now filled with water to harden the concrete as it is poured. Kiddies in red bathing suits, in blue and every kind of color now deport themselves in the pool in the morning, the afternoon and evening and already are having the time of their young lives. It will not require a strong imagination to picture the fun they will have when the pool is finished and all kinds of apparatus is installed to add to the diversity of a plunge.

The work is progressing as rapidly as possible , but could be speeded up if more persons would volunteer their services. About half of the concrete work is now finished and the job should be completed by the end of the week.

Few people realize the immensity of the concreting job, but those in charge of the work are worrying whether there is sufficient cement in the city for present needs, and hurried examinations of supply are being made. It may be necessary to send an S.O.S. for more cement.

President John F. Murphy of the Glendive Chamber of Commerce, together with E.A. Shabel, Ed Brown and J. O’Mally, have practically devoted all of their time to the pool. City Engineer R. T. Hurdle is on the job constantly.

The general committee is also endeavoring to secure copies of the rules and regulations for swimming pools from other cities so that a proper set of regulations may be directed for Glendive.

The swimming pool and the public spirit which made it possible have been receiving no little publicity, and even editorial comment, from the papers of the state and the Twin Cities and North Dakota. It is doubtful if the people in the city fully appreciate just how big a showing of public spirit and co-operation they are manifested in this enterprise and how the press and people throughout the country are impressed with it. Doubtless, they will look for more manifestations of this community spirit of “go-get-it” and “let’s-do-it-now” type in the near future and expect big things from Glendive.

The work on the pool is progressing rapidly and they will have the concrete work all completed by Saturday noon. There is now six feet of water in the pool.