Reviewing the Past

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Following are articles as they appeared in the Ranger-Review, the Dawson County Review, and Glendive Independent, 25, 50 & 100 years ago this month.

25 Years Ago

The Glasgow Scotties defeated the Glendive Red Devils 72-66 in the first home basketball game of the season Friday night. Dawson now has a record of 3-1 and traveled to Miles City Saturday night for the second game of the new year against the Cowboys.

Glendive Coach Doug Selvig said the Red Devils team played pretty good ball, but it had a lot of easy shots inside the first half that did not drop. “We only shot 10 for 27 the first half, and you can’t win games with that kind of shooting.”

Continuing, the Dawson coach said, “Stupid fouls are causing us trouble. Our intensity and enthusiasm is good, but we are not using our heads. We held Glasgow to 19 first half points and had our chances, but we are not getting anything from our post men inside. We only committed 10 turnovers, which I am happy about.”

Crews continued work at two oil well sites west of Glendive, but the companies involved are not releasing any information concerning their progress or the results of tests they have taken.

Winn Exploration of Corpus Christi, Texas, is drilling a wildcat well a few miles southwest of Lindsay and has staked a second site. The company has posted signs at the drill site saying that only authorized persons are allowed on the site, and crews have been instructed not to give out any information.

Local landowners say Winn representatives have told them that if oil is discovered, the company will develop the field, not plug and abandon wells as some larger oil companies have done in the past

50 Years Ago

Work is now underway on a new 40 unit addition to the Derrick Motel, a project which will cost more than a quarter of a million dollars, according to the owners, Andy and Irene Bender. Footings for the new structure were poured in November and framework is now going up. It is expected that work will continue through the winter and completion is scheduled for early spring.

A new indoor heated swimming pool is being built along with the new units, all of which will be on the ground level. Two of the rooms will have private therapeutic-type pools, known as Aqua Saunas.

In an expansion of the mechanics program at Dawson College, four mechanical art courses will be offered at Dawson during winter quarter as part of the Adult Education program.

Auto Mechanics for Women will again be taught by Bruce Bartholomew of Hilger Chevrolet in Glendive. Everett Mitchell will be the instructor for Honda Mechanics and Marvin Holas will teach the coursee in Yamaha, Lawn Mowers, Snowmobiles and Small Engines. In those two courses students will be able to work on their own machines, learning repairing techniques.

Winter’s diesel mechanics course is the first of two classes in diesel engines. Jim Koentopp, mechanical arts instructor at Dawson County High School will teach that course.

100 Years Ago

Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Erickson, while on their way to their farm near Stipek with a team of horses and wagon, met a large touring car owned by Mr. Larson of Savage, near Wm. Jans’ residence on the west side of the river, which ran into their team. The wagon pole got fastened in the front of the car, the team ran away and Mr. Erickson was thrown out over the dashboard. His wife stayed in the buggy and was not injured but Mr. Erickson’s right arm and hand were badly lacerated, but no bones were broken. Mr. Larson, the auto owner, claimed he did not see Erickson’s team approaching.


Sheriff Art Helland arrested Jack Dell on Sunday, December 11th, at August Ritz’s farm, eight miles southwest of Richey, while manufacturing “moonshine” said by the experts to test 140 proof. Dell works on the farm for Ritz and he was brought to the city the same day. He has had no preliminary hearing as of yet.

On Monday evening December 12th, Sheriff Helland, Deputy Sheriffs Edward O’Neil and Norman Boyd arrested Cornelius M. Cramer, Charles Sorenson, Edgar Web and W.M. Millage at Richey on a charge of bootlegging.

During the officers’ stay in Richey the Ford auto of Deputy O’Neil was badly used by miscreants, sympathizers of the arrested men. One of the front tires and inner tube being slashed with a sharp instrument, presumably a razor for a length of eighteen inches, and both headlights smashed.

Of the above-named men, Sorenson was convicted on a similar charge last spring.

Undersheriff Martineson is to bring in two more men on the same charge today.