Richey Schools announces closure plans

A Message From Richey Public Schools:
Sunday, March 22, 2020


I am proud that our school is working hard to provide education, meals and support for our students during this difficult time of school closure. I will outline what our plan is for the next two weeks, and if closures go beyond that we will be planning for that as well.

School Work: Beginning on March 17, 2020, work was sent home for our students. It will be delivered either by staff, or through our bus routes. We will also be delivering to our in-town students and those not on a bus route. Each day assignments will be collected and another “batch” dropped off. Deliveries will start at 9 a.m. each school day. If we have a four-day-week, we will deliver Monday-Thursday. Students who are taking on-line classes through Montana Digital Academy are expected to keep up with those classes from home. The web site will continue to have lesson plans posted.

Meals: Along with materials being sent home, “grab and go” breakfast and lunches are also available. Charges for the meals will be the same as if they were being served at school. We do need to know ASAP who would want the meals sent home. Please do not “pick and choose” what days you want them, if you want the meals, we will send them every day.

Cleaning: During the school closure, our custodial staff will be cleaning and sanitizing the buildings.

General Information: Please understand that things will most likely change daily. It is very important that families/students check their email often. The school web site will also have information posted. The daily bulletin will have the information as well. March 17, 2020 will have been the most stressful day as an abundance of materials was delivered to students. Please send only homework back each day, keep books and supplies. Even though schoolwork is being done at home, teachers expect the homework to be returned the next day, or when it is due. I am sure you will have a lot of questions. Please feel free to call/email/or message those questions to me. 529-3060 (cell) or 773-5523 (school).