Rosendale’s courage is admirable

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Dear Editor:

I’m writing in response to Matt Rosendale’s ‘Guest Opinion” article in the Ranger Review where he explains his reasons for voting against the “Juneteenth National Independence Day” bill that was unanimously passed in the Senate and only met with 6 nay votes in the House of Representatives which includes Representative Rosendale. Matt is “catching a lot of flak” for his vote but I for one agree that we are opening a “can of worms” with this new federal holiday. We have Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, George Washington’s or Presidents Day, and Independence Day on July 4th. That’s enough or we’ll be celebrating more than we work and Matt’s also right about this new holiday becoming the high holy day of the Left’s calendar. We’ll never hear the end of how evil America is and their story of her being one long racist nightmare, as Representative Rosendale said. I believe conservatives need to push back on the Left’s demonization of America and we need to do this “sooner than later” or we’ll lose this battle the same way we lost the schools and colleges to the progressives. I admire Representative Matt Rosendale’s courage in standing up to the overwhelming “rollover” of our gutless Senate and House Republicans and his articulate defense of his position in his Guest Opinion article.

Patrick Prescott