Rosendale failed to make case for Juneteenth vote

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Dear Editor,

Representative Matt Rosendale’s guest opinion in your June 27th edition entitled “What to the conservative is Juneteenth”, could more aptly have been titled “What to a Conservative is Equality.”

His very wordy opinion failed to make his case for his vote against Juneteenth, which he himself describes as, “A Celebration of emancipation”.

Also missing was any mention of his incomprehensible vote against honoring the valor of the U.S. Capitol police in defending lawmakers, including himself, in the disgraceful events of January 6.

His mention of Critical Race Theory shows he does not understand this 40 year old academic discipline by legal scholars to explain why, after all the founding documents of this country promising liberty and justice for all, all men are created equal, equal protection under the law, and after enactment of civil rights and voting rights legislation designed to end subordination of black people, they are still at the bottom of every measure of social well being.

Space does not permit me to explain in detail what Critical Race Theory really is, but what it is not is a plot by “the Left” to create a school curriculum to teach our children to hate their country. A devisive, disgusting falsehood.

Some terms Mr. Rosendale, and/or whoever wrote this missive should research before their next attempt to “enlighten” the public are: redlining, segregation, poll tax, gerrymandering, Jim Crow, and miscegenation laws to start. Perhaps a follow up with real research with real legal scholars to help him understand the real meaning of Critical Race Theory.

Just the facts please, because “alternative facts,” according to the Ten Commandments I grew up with, number 8 says lying is a sin, and orders us to honor the truth.

To quote President Abraham Lincoln, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt.

Dena Hoff