Scam business targeting agriculture producers has bogus Glendive address

Hunter Herbaugh
Sunday, October 17, 2021

The phrase “buyer beware” has never been more true than it has recently as a new scam business has been noticed by local residents. Reports started coming in to the local Chamber of Commerce last week about a business that many local agriculture producers felt was too good to be true, as it is offering equipment at cheap prices.

“It seems too good to be true, because it is,” said Chamber Director Terra Burman.

The company, B & D Equipment, looks legitimate at a glance, however a longer look starts to reveal the cracks in the facade. Producers across the nation have found the company as it comes up among the top results when searching for tractors or other equipment on Google, along with very real, very similarly named local tractor supply business C & B Operations.

However, while there have been some who have fallen for the trick, there have been others who have noticed the red flags and investigated further. One step they’ve taken is calling Ag Pro Solutions, which if the Glendive location connected to B & D Equipment were real, would be a neighboring business. According to Kitty Blankenship, Ag Pro’s administrative specialist, she has received numerous calls from people from various states as far away as Florida, and even some calls from ag producers in Canada.

While most calls she has received have come from people skeptical about B & D’s existence, she noted that a few calls have come from people who were prepared to place orders for cheap equipment before noticing warning signs, including one person who was ready to travel to Glendive to see the equipment he wanted to purchase personally. After contacting Blankenship and being informed that the company he was prepared to give $10,000 to didn’t actually exist, he changed his plans.

“He was gonna fly up here then he saw on (the website) that we were kitty-corner from the business, so he called here and he said he really appreciated me, because he said, ‘I was all but ready to send my money but then I thought I’d like to see the tractor before I get it.’ When they told him they would send it freightfree after he wired them the money, that was kind of a red flag,” she said.

Burman said she has also received numerous calls from concerned citizens about the business, including one person who claimed they lost $15,000 on a bogus purchase.

According to Dawson County Sheriff’s Office Undersheriff Katie Mills, the department is aware of the scam as well, though it is being investigated by the Glendive Police Department.

Any suspected scams should be reported to law enforcement, as well as the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has a scam tracking tool that people can utilize to check on known scams in an area.

The Dawson County Sheriff’s Office can be reached at (406)377-5291.

The Glendive Police Department can be reached at (406)377-2364.

Scams can be reported to the BBB through its website at

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