School board aren’t political pawns

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Dear Editor:

In response to the Guest Opinion dated September 29, 2021; their opinion is how “Rumors” get started and “Community Division” begins. I’d like to Commend those “School Board Members” that stood up to the Democrat mindset for “Mask Mandates.” They are supposed to represent the people of the district they were elected to and not the Democrat minded ideology of a few School Board Members. I am appalled at the recent (guest opinion) that claims that the Board Members are trying to divide the Community. Printing hearsay by anyone eavesdropping on School Board Members is what divides communities. Get the facts and write what was really said and not your interpretation of what was said. Our School Board shouldn’t be used as Political Pawns of this School District or any other School District.

Duane Kuntz