School bonds ballots hit the mail Friday

Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Voters who live in the southern portion of Dawson County as depicted by the areas below the red line will all vote on the Dawson County High School bond. Residents who live in the Glendive Elementary No. 1 district shown in yellow will vote on the elementary bond measure as well.

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Dawson County election office employees worked this week to prepare 4,468 school bond mail ballots to go out in the mail on Friday. See a sample ballot on page 2.

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This is a sample ballot voters in the Glendive Elementary District 1 will receive in the mail. Only residents who live in the elementary district will see both bond measures on their ballots.

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Glendive Public Schools bond ballots will go out in the mail on Friday.

The school district is asking voters to consider bonds for both the elementary district and high school district that will finance infrastructure upgrades to two of the district’s schools and will replace two of what have been described as “failing” buildings with one new middle school.

Voters have until Oct. 8 to return their ballots via mail or by dropping them off at the Dawson County Elections office.

While voters have seen a $55 million price tag for the bonds, the bond issues are not tied together, and the success or failure of one will in no way affect the other.

Glendive Elementary

District Bond

Voters in the Glendive Elementary District 1 will see both bond requests on their ballots.

The elementary district’s $31,690,000 bond will address building needs in the Pre-K-8th grade district that currently includes Jefferson, Lincoln and Washington schools.

If the bond passes, the district will construct a new middle at the current Jefferson site. Washington will be used for pre-K-fourth grade students. Lincoln and Jefferson will both be demolished, with the exception of a portion of Lincoln that the district hopes to give to a community entity to be used for a community recreation center.

The bond includes funding to upgrade or replace mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems at Washington Middle School, along with renovations necessary to make the building function better as an elementary school.

The elementary bond also includes a new consolidated bus barn.

The 20-year term bond will cost taxpayers approximately $16.66 per month per $100,000 of property valuation.

Property owners can determine the impact on their taxes by first determining their property’s taxable value. This information can be found on tax statements or by accessing the state website

And second, take the “taxable value of property” times 148.08 (approximate mills needed for the bond) and then divide that number by 1000.

See our example on Page 2.

Dawson County High

School District Bond

Voters in the southern two-third of the county that make up the Dawson County High School District will vote on the $23,500,000 bond request in that district. Dawson County voters in Lindsay South, Lindsay North, Deer Creek Elementary and Savage Elementary will only vote on the high school levy.

The $23,500,000 high school bond includes auditorium upgrades as well as upgrades to the mechanical and electrical systems throughout the building. Funding provided by the bond would address safety issues by providing a clear and secure entrance to the building for students and visitors. The bond also includes several renovations throughout the building to create more functional spaces.

The 20-year term bond will cost taxpayers approximately $8.76 per month per $100,000 of property valuation. To determine the individual tax impact of the high school bond, take property value times 77.91 (mills) and then divide by 1000.

How Do I Vote?

There are 3,961 active voters in the Glendive Elementary District and 4,468 active voters in the Dawson County High School District and all will be sent a mail ballot.

According to Deputy Elections Administor LeAnne Cantrell, who recently took another position with the county, the county only mails ballots to people who are active voters. Inactive voters can still get a ballot by stopping at the Dawson County Clerk and Recorders Office. There are 561 inactive voters in the elementary district and 589 inactive voters in the high school district.

For more information on your voter status, contact the Dawson County Elections office.

Detailed information about the school bonds can be found on the Glendive Public Schools’ website .