Senator doesn’t have MT’s best interests in mind

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Dear Editor,

I’m responding to the 4/1/21 article in the Ranger Review where Senator John Tester sings the praises of the bloated (1.9 trillion) American Rescue Plan Act or ARPA. Tester states that the COVID 19 pandemic was the worst public health and economic crisis in generations but he doesn’t explain why it became the mess it did.

The United States didn’t “lock down” during the Spanish Flu after WW1, the aids epidemic, swine flu, or any of the other health crises we’ve experienced before, yet Tony Fauci and the rest of these so-called experts, including the World Health Organization and our Center for Disease Control, wanted us quarantined inside, not working, and all non-essential businesses shut down with state’s governors designating which businesses were essential. Reasonable and informed people now know that these imposed measures were the worst decisions that could have been made and they just added to everyone’s misery. We could have protected the vulnerable elderly population, healthy Americans could have continued to work, businesses could have stayed open with reasonable precautions, and children could have continued to go to school. Instead, Democrat governor Cuomo threw infected seniors back into the assisted living and senior homes even though President Trump had sent New York a hospital ship along with temporary hospital facilities that this idiot Cuomo didn’t use. Hopefully, the truth is going to come out about the shameful and possibly criminal acts that were perpetrated on the US population when we see the suicide rate, and alcohol/drug addiction numbers that are tied to this pandemic. The teacher union(s) should be ashamed and can never, in my opinion, claim to put our children’s welfare first. This ARPA bill does little for COVID relief but instead is a liberal/progressive priority “wish list” that was not signed onto by any of the Republicans and it reminds me of the ObamaCare bill that was pushed through without a single Republican vote back in 2009. Also, Tester gave away all the “leverage” he could have used on getting the Keystone XL pipeline reinstated. He should have threatened to withhold his vote for Biden’s COVID relief bill unless the pipeline was given the go ahead and that, in my opinion, is what a senator who has his state’s best interests in mind would have done. Remember, ARPA only passed because VP Harris broke the 50/50 tie in the Senate. He gave up 58 million dollars in tax revenue, for Montana, and that doesn’t include the jobs that would have come with this project. In my opinion, Senator Tester is nothing more than a political “hack” for the Washington establishment.

Patrick Prescott