Send Sen. Hinebauch back to Helena

Thursday, October 8, 2020

To the Voters of SD18:

State Senator Steve Hinebauch has worked hard in his first term representing SD18! Steve is rock solid in standing up for limited government, individual rights, regulatory relief and of course the unborn.

We have an exciting opportunity with the election of Gianforte/Juras in the governor’s race to clean up 16 years of democrat mismanagement and expanding (high tax) government. To do this we need to keep Steve Hinebauch in the Senate.

Dawson County has endured years of reductions in good paying railroad jobs, now thanks to the democrats relentless attacks on coal, BN is leaving altogether. Radical democrat legislation and at least as bad, far left democrat judges have done their best to destroy our resource dependent communities. Another good example is the closing now of the coal fired plant in Sidney. Old, yes, but made uneconomical by extreme democrat environmental regulations. How about the Keystone Pipeline blocked repeatedly by a Baucus, Tester, Obama appointed judge? This has put the brakes on good jobs, tax base for our communities and energy load for our utilities.

Reject years of mismanagement and failed policies. Help restart Montana’s economy by sending Senator Steve Hinebauch back to Helena as your SD18 Senator!

Thank you,

Jerry Schillinger